Sunday, May 31, 2009

thanks for the donations!

since charla's article in the gazette last week, i've gotten at least 4 cheques in the mail, and you've also been handing over some generous 20's lately... and for this, i thank you!
it's truly fantastic to live in a place where people value giving. speaking of which, the latest donation came in the form of a complimentary haircut and colour from my favourite hairstylist, mr. ben shum. fabulous man, quality work, and here is my advertisement for him! thanks ben!

in total, i believe the fundraising is at just over $5000. $1000 more than my original goal. thanks people!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Extra Extra!

The Western Communities newspaper, the Goldstream Gazette, is hip to their game in this week's news copy. Thanks to Charla Huber for her splendid writing! Although I'd probably save the "champion" part for after we complete this trip.

Still don't think I've fully comprehended just how far we're going.

Read on right here:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Routes and Observations

These are some rad routes I've ridden as of late:

1. Surrey to Tsawwassen (along river road and ladner trunk road)
2. Swartz Bay to Langford (following beauty farm roads along the lochside trail and the galloping goose) 1&2 combined = approx 125kms
3. Langford to Leechtown (taking the goose past the Sooke Potholes to the very end and back!) 75kms
4. Sooke to Jordan River (the winding West Coast Road along the ocean and up some hills) 66kms
5. Mill Bay to North Cowichan (following Telegraph road through more rolling farmland and down past the bustling Cowichan Bay) approx 50kms
6. Metchosin to Victoria (the goose, again) 20kms
7. Sooke Road to Aylard Farm (east sooke and back along gillespie road) approx 20kms?
8. Shawnigan Lake (around the whole thing!) approx 30kms

These are some things I've seen and learned along the way:

1. It is unpleasant for both your eyes, and for bugs when bugs fly directly into your eyes.
2. Hummingbirds look a lot better buzzing in the air, rather than squished into a perfect roadside fossil.
3. Tail winds are awesome. Head winds are not.
4. It is possible to get amazing tail winds from large semi trucks
5. It is not so good to have two semi-trucks in a row sail past you while on the side of a busy road, because this may cause the tail wind to drag you within inches of the second semi truck, increasing your heart rate.. lots.
6. Lone cyclists on opposite sides of empty roads share that same feeling of unity as do motorcyclists, expressed often in a small nod or wave of the hand (acceptance, finally!)
7. When using clipless peddles, it is best to "unclip" before coming to a stop. Otherwise you may suffer humility and leg wounds from the tumble that inevitably occurs.
8. If you suffer a deep leg wound from falling off of your bicycle, it is best to create an elaborate lie about how you received your injury. For example, "i got a snakebite" seems to do the trick quite well.
9. People who say they don't enjoy a ride on a bicycle are either lying, or just don't know any better...

yours truly,
gala "snakebite" milne

Monday, May 4, 2009

Vancouver Pledge Ride!

On May 31st, for all those who call Vancouver "home", or for the ambitious Victorian... Global Agents for Change is having a 10km pledge ride! ride, donate, have fun, and help send off the Mexico riders on their way down South! The Vancouver to Tijuana team will be heading out directly after the pledge ride is done!
Pledge riders are asked to contribute $40 to your favourite "Agent of Change" and come on the ride. All money raised goes toward our microcredit fund... and for this, not only do receive that warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good, but you get a bamboo GA4C tee shirt too :) Reason enough?

Check it out! Do it! yeah!

Fundraiser News

We did it. With two months to spare! Although I will gladly still be collecting money for the ga4c microcredit fund, the goal to raise $4000 for microcredit was surpassed last weekend at the silent auction fundraiser in metchosin!

Thank you to everyone who came out, donating your time, energy, enthusiasm, photographs, paintings, books, lovely knitted things, eco-friendly jean bags, and money for microcredit. You are a generous crowd of supporters, and the grand total raised was over $2000! This definitely overwhelmed my goal of raising $1000!

Throughout the day tensions were high as minor bidding wars occured over Frank Mitchell's Daina Pig... pearson college students and peoples alike strolled in for refreshments after long hours of picking up garbage along roadsides for Earth Day... NDP candidate John Horgan stopped by to show his support, as did a couple of volunteer firefighters (for good measure).

I'd like to extend special thanks to Seabluff Farm for their overwhelmingly generous donation, and entice everyone who reads this to support purchasing their locally grown, and delicious produce.

As well to Zara of THE (Towards a Healthy Environment) Bag Project for donating the money earned from her bags toward the microcredit fund!!

i almost forgot... a HUGE THANKS TO MY MOM! not only is she beautiful, but shes smart and witty and organized the rental of the community house, and threw a fantastic Earth Day event, AND convinced the lovely artists to donate their fine works to the event. GO MOM! I LOVE YOU!!!

till next time!!