Friday, August 21, 2009


turkish coffee - been waiting for you.
your black foamy crema is zingıng right thru
my fingertips as i take more sips
and relish a seat ın the shade.

flags reign high over the land,
at the gas station and the fruit stand.
its hard to hide the pride inside
please - take a cold watermelon.

you honk at us twice
you wave cuz you're nice
you invıte us inside
and you tell us our rides...
should have engines.

past the mountains i'd feared
we can now cheer
we're here!
in turkey - it's clear...
that we're strong ones.

istanbul awaits
150k away
and i don't want this trip to be

1 comment:

barbarella said...

I'm so proud of you Gala!

So let me know which of those nations are best for our coffee shop, k?

Drink some chai. I'm sure you already have. Let me know if you go to the Aegean coast so I can live vicariously through you and miss my friends more than I already do. Istanbul may just blow your mind. But I'm sure its already been blown. If you have room for a turk in your luggage, feel free to bring me back someone from Istanbul.

Love love love you.